Each of our Baobab® pieces has been designed with responsible consumption and lovers of the kitchen in mind. Individuals who also value high-quality finishes and the possibility of incorporating and enjoying the latest innovations and accessories.


Our Baobab products are manufactured by DOT Surfaces® using Corian® and Bioacrylics®. Both are extremely versatile and resistant solid materials with spectacular aesthetics and a luxuriously silky texture. Their simplicity of molding allows for the creation of products in a plethora of shapes and finishes, even combining different elements to create spectacular continuous pieces without visible joints, reducing handling times and labour intensity.



We are well aware of the motivations and concerns of our customers, as well as the sustainability and circularity challenges which concern us all. For this reason, we’ve conceptualized and developed a series of sustainability and connectivity solutions which complement and make Baobab pieces incredibly unique.


We want the Baobab® experience to go beyond the kitchen environment itself and keep us connected to our customers so we’ve ensured that Baobab isn’t just a beautifully designed sink but also an app which allows you to maintain control over your energy consumption, offers product advice, facilitates recipe exchanges and promotes culinary events to mention but a few features.


Somos conscientes de las motivaciones y preocupaciones de nuestros clientes, así como de los retos sobre sostenibilidad y circularidad que nos competen a todos. Por eso, hemos conceptualizado y desarrollado una serie de soluciones sostenibles y de conectividad que complementan y hacen únicas a las piezas Baobab®.


Queremos que la experiencia Baobab® vaya más allá del espacio de la propia cocina y que, al mismo tiempo, nos mantenga conectados a nuestros clientes. Baobab® no es solo un fregadero de diseño es también una app que permite mantener un control de consumo energético, ofrecer asesoramiento del producto, intercambio de recetas, o promoción de eventos culinarios, etc.

We want Baobab® users to have a unique experience from the first contact they have with our pieces. This is why we deliver them in original and innovative packaging.
Our product packaging is fully reusable and sustainable. Once it’s been emptied of the product, it can be given a new life.
The box can be used as a planting pot, the protective net for the sink is completely compostable and a selection of seeds is included with every order.
Healthy food lovers and DIY enthusiasts can grow an ecological garden and live the full experience of sowing, harvesting, cooking and eating at home.



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El proyecto WATERBOX ha sido realizado por DOT SURFACES SL.(Nº expediente: IMINOA/2019/62).
El objetivo del proyecto es el desarrollo de un nuevo fregadero que cuente con la posibilidad de integración de tecnologías digitales y comunicaciones para el desarrollo de proyectos Smart-Home.

Este proyecto ha recibido una subvención de 62.159,48 € gracias al apoyo económico del IVACE y de la Unión Europea:
– Apoyo financiero de IVACE a través del Programa INNOVAPROD CV.
– Apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea por haber sido seleccionado el proyecto en PO FEDER de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020.