® is widely acknowledged as the Conscious Sinks Family. A new revolutionary concept with a social disposition, respect for the environment, and offers a unique experience and culinary excitement.

With Baobab® we’re determined to revolutionize the world of cooking. We’ve created a family of innovative and conscious Corian® and Bioacrylics® sinks in which we’ve managed to combine design, sustainability and technology so that kitchen lovers have a unique experience.

Because of the properties of the materials we use, our experience with solid surfaces as well as our knowledge of the kitchen world, we’ve managed to conceptualize and design original and unique sinks with high-quality finishes and the latest technological features while prioritizing our philosophy of sustainability in order to make the daily lives of our users easier from the moment Baobab® is installed in the hearts of their homes.”

Smart design

Pieces with original and unique designs incorporating technological elements and facilitating connectivity to ease the cooking process for our users.

Connected kitchens

Baobab®  goes beyond the kitchen space and keeps us connected to our customers via an app which provides added value to the experience.

Circular Economy

Aware of the importance of sustainability and circularity, we incorporate the reuse and recycle philosophy to the conceptualization, manufacturing and design of Baobab® products.


Baobab® applies sustainability in the production as well as in the design of the product itself endowing it with features such as recycling oils and fats, reducing water and energy consumption, cultivating hydroponic plants or collecting organic matter.



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El proyecto WATERBOX ha sido realizado por DOT SURFACES SL.(Nº expediente: IMINOA/2019/62).
El objetivo del proyecto es el desarrollo de un nuevo fregadero que cuente con la posibilidad de integración de tecnologías digitales y comunicaciones para el desarrollo de proyectos Smart-Home.

Este proyecto ha recibido una subvención de 62.159,48 € gracias al apoyo económico del IVACE y de la Unión Europea:
– Apoyo financiero de IVACE a través del Programa INNOVAPROD CV.
– Apoyo financiero de la Unión Europea por haber sido seleccionado el proyecto en PO FEDER de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020.